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Develop your digital skills this academic year – online offering now available

By Jasmin E Mullings, on 4 May 2020

ISD Digital Skills Development has released new dates for Term 3 to be offered online via Blackboard Collaborate and Microsoft Teams.

We are also hosting our usual weekly drop-in sessions remotely via Blackboard Collaborate for those who would like individual support on a specific issue. The dates and times of the sessions, along with the direct Blackboard Collaborate link, are available in our ISD Digital Skills Development Moodle course.

Please view the current schedule of courses and workshops below. Once you’ve looked at the schedule and chosen the course(s) you want to book, follow the instructions on this blog post to book and view the course description carefully to ensure you have all the information, check for any pre-learning (if applicable) and know how to join the live session(s).

As we will use Blackboard Collaborate for many of our sessions, please watch the 10-minute Participant video guide which explains how to use and what to expect from the BB Collaborate platform.

Please ensure you allow yourself enough time to complete any pre-learning (see our Moodle course) as it may take a few hours for some courses. Please also download the course materials via our Moodle course in advance of the live session. Not all the courses will have pre-learning and course materials available yet, however, we will endeavour to make them available by Monday 11th May. If materials will be made available later for any particular course, a date will be given for when they are available.

We will send out the link to join the session the day before (or morning before if it’s a Monday course) but you can also join directly from MyLearning (see blog post for instructions on how to do this).

Also note that we have added an extra 15 minutes to the start time of our courses to allow participants to test out their audio/connection. The actual course will start promptly on the hour (15 minutes after the advertised time).

Current schedule

Date Start End Title
12/05/2020 09:45 11:00 Word tips and tricks
13/05/2020 09:45 11:00 Excel tips and tricks
13/05/2020 09:45 12:00 Managing Long Documents in Word 2016
14/05/2020 09:45 11:00 Podcasting made easy
14/05/2020 13:45 16:00 Getting Started with SPSS
15/05/2020 09:45 11:30 Creating accessible Word documents
18/05/2020 13:45 15:00 Using ‘Padlet’ to support student collaboration
20/05/2020 13:45 16:00 An Introduction to R with RStudio
20/05/2020 13:45 15:30 Creating accessible PowerPoint presentations
22/05/2020 09:45 11:00 OneDrive for sharing files
26/05/2020 09:45 11:00 Record a narration over your PowerPoint on a PC
27/05/2020 09:45 12:00 Managing Long Documents in Word 2016
28/05/2020 09:45 11:00 Blogging with Reflect (WordPress-based)
28/05/2020 09:45 12:00 Getting Started with SPSS
29/05/2020 13:45 15:30 Microsoft Teams: Collaborate on Documents & Files
01/06/2020 13:45 15:30 Creating accessible Word documents
03/06/2020 13:45 15:00 Word tips and tricks
04/06/2020 13:45 15:00 Excel tips and tricks
09/06/2020 09:45 11:30 Creating accessible PowerPoint presentations
10/06/2020 09:45 11:00 OneDrive for sharing files
10/06/2020 09:45 12:00 An Introduction to R with RStudio
11/06/2020 09:45 12:00 Managing Long Documents in Word 2016
16/06/2020 09:45 11:30 Microsoft Teams: Collaborate on Documents & Files

More digital skills development opportunities…

Learn online with a vast range of high-quality video-based courses from LinkedIn Learning. This is the new platform on which we are now hosting Lynda.com content. These cover technical skills but also business, personal and creative skills as well.  Visit the UCL LinkedIn Learning page to find out more.

2 Responses to “Develop your digital skills this academic year – online offering now available”

  • 1
    Bhavna wrote on 9 June 2020:

    I missed the podcast session and wondered if there are any more sessions coming up?


  • 2
    Jasmin E Mullings wrote on 10 June 2020:

    Hi Bhavna,

    There currently aren’t any future Podcasting made easy sessions planned, however, you can add yourself to the interest list for the course to be informed of any new dates. Please see our blog post for directions on how to do this.

    Kind regards,

    ISD Digital Skills Development Administration
    Information Services Division


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