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As you may be aware we experienced some technical issues with various UCL applications and services on Thursday 13th February from 6:30pm onwards, extending over to 4pm on Friday. In order to ensure we did not affect student teaching and learning, Moodle was fixed as a matter of priority and was back online at 0:15am, Thursday night. See the link to the ISD News item for more info on affected services.

As a consequence of this issue and the emergency fixes put in place, we are aware that there has been a partial data loss issue which has affected all types of Moodle data generated between 4.30am-4.00pm on Friday 14th February. In particular live student assignments and activities which were undertaken.

You may already have had some reports of Moodle assignment submissions not appearing for students who submitted during this time as well as other activities being affected. Please note Turnitin Assignments were not affected as these are linked to the Turnitin database. In the case of a student undertaking an assessment during this period, such as a quiz, the data may also be impacted.

What action do I need to take?

We advise that you read and follow the instructions below, depending on which apply to you:

  1. If you had any Moodle assignment deadlines (not Turnitin) which took place over the past couple of days, please reopen and extend your assignment submission deadline and ask students to resubmit their assignments again if their assignment does not appear.
  2. If you have any open Moodle assignment submissions (not Turnitin) on your courses in Moodle, with a later deadline, please email your students to resubmit to the assignment submission if they have submitted early.
  3. If you notice any missing data on Moodle Forums or Questionnaires, please repost your message or extend the deadline.
  4. If you spot any missing assessment related data for quizzes, which is not recoverable such as missing answers which the student states they have answered, please raise a ticket and we will try and recover this data as a matter of urgency.

We apologise for the disruption this has caused and appreciate your assistance on this matter.

If you have any urgent queries, please contact and we will try our best to assist you.

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