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Accessible documents for the STEM disciplines (well, mainly) using LaTeX

By Jim R Tyson, on 8 January 2020

Next week I am leading a session on using LaTeX (or Markdown) to create more accessible and inclusive documents.  This is a bring your own device session – if you want to practice the techniques you will need a laptop (or other suitable device) with a working LaTeX installation.  The session is on Wenesday 15th January and starts at 2 pm.  It is expected to last around two hours.  You can book a place at the following link

Eventbrite booking for accessible LaTeX

with Access Code Student.  The course is only open to staff and students of UCL and a UCL ID card is required for building access.

LaTeX is a de facto standard for authoring documents in many STEM disciplines. It is used not only in publishing academic research but also in preparting materials for teaching and learning. This session will look at the ways we can make documents prepared with LaTeX more accessible and so make teaching and learning more inclusive.

The issues covered are relevant to markdownand Rmarkdown users as well as LaTeX users.

I hope to cover:

  • Overview of accessibility concerns
  • Using standard LaTeX techniques to enhance accessibility
    • structure
    • fonts and typefaces
    • margins
    • hyperlinks
  • Inserting comments into PDFs vs using captions
  • Use of colour
  • Using pandoc to generate HTML or docx formats
    • creating MathML output

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