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Lynda.com becomes LinkedIn Learning

By Caroline Norris, on 16 January 2019

Our Lynda.com moved to the new LinkedIn Learning platform on 21 February.  If you have a Lynda.com account you can activate your account on LinkedIn Learning at any time.  New users can also register at any time.

LinkedIn Learning offers a new interface and a range of new features while still providing the same Lynda.com content.  If you currently have an account on Lynda.com, your viewing history, course completions, playlists and other data will all be migrated to the new platform.

What changes will I see?

  • Your ‘Playlists’ will now become ‘Collections’
    See What do I need to do? below for details of how shared links to your playlists are affected
  • You will be able to take your learning history with you to other organisations that have LinkedIn Learning
  • You can connect your UCL LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn profile if you have one

What happens if I connect to my LinkedIn profile?

You will get:

  • more prompts to engage in learning, with LinkedIn Learning recommendations appearing within your LinkedIn profile
  • more personalised content recommendations based on what your contacts and people with similar interests and roles are watching
  • more insights into learning trends, what LinkedIn influencers and thought leaders are recommending etc.

UCL will only see your LinkedIn profile photo.   We won’t have access to any other information from your LinkedIn profile. For more details please Privacy Information for LinkedIn Learning Learners.

What do I need to do?

You need to use a different link to get to LinkedIn Learning but you will still use your UCL credentials to log in and all your data has been migrated automatically to the new platform.

If you have shared links to any courses these will be redirected to a course in LinkedIn Learning for one year.  You will need to provide a direct link to replace this after that time.

If you have shared links to playlists then these links will no longer work.  Please contact us so that we help you to resolve this issue. Note that playlists assigned by Group Administrators are not affected.

You will need to download the LinkedIn Learning app to replace the Lynda.com app if you currently use Lynda content on your mobile or tablet.

How do I use LinkedIn Learning?

To find out more about LinkedIn Learning and the new features available, watch How to use LinkedIn Learning

You might also find Gaining skills with LinkedIn Learning of interest

Both of these courses are on LinkedIn Learning so they will give you a taste of what’s in store on the new platform!

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