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A new academic year, an upgraded Lecturecast Service (students)

By Janice K M Kiugu, on 5 October 2017

Lecturecast is UCL’s automated lecture recording system with over 115 rooms across the University enabled with more being added through the year.

The system is designed for course tutors/administrators to electively choose to record their lectures as supplemental resources and share them with their students via the respective Moodle course.Lecturecast is not a replacement for lecture attendance and is provided to complement lectures and provide an additional resource to support student learning.

There are multiple benefits of Lecturecasting content, including the ability for you to revisit complex material and to engage in discussions outside of the classroom.

Over the summer, the UCL Lecturecast system was upgraded to a more user-friendly and interactive interface, providing students with more tools to support their learning. When viewing a recording, you can now:

  • Make notes and download them for reference
  • Post questions
  • Bookmark content- this allows students to revisit a particular slide or scene and any notes that have been made
  • Flag content that may be confusing – flagged content is highlighted to the Tutor(s) associated with the course
  • Engage in discussions relating to the lecture with other students on the course

Further changes have been made to enhance learning and teaching and to make learning more interactive and engaging for students. Staff can now:

  • Use the Lecturecast system to upload supplementary resources created elsewhere in various file formats
  • Create interactive slides that contain question slides
  • View analytics –   to better understand what students find most useful or to help improve future lecture delivery
  • Respond to questions students have posed as well as posting questions to students

More information about using Lecturecast can be found here:  Lecturecast – Student Guide

A step-by-step guide to viewing Lecturecast recordings and making use of the additional functionality is available here – Lecturecast Student Guide Learning the Basics

For information on UCL Data Protection Policy, UCL Computer Regulations (Acceptable use Policy) and  how your data is being used, please refer to our  Lecturecast Information student wiki page.


For information on how Lecturecast is being used on your course, please contact the relevant Tutor.

For technical support on using the system,  please contact the ISD Service Desk: Tel: 020 7676 5000, 25000 (internal) Email: servicedesk@ucl.ac.uk

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