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Lecturecast is Changing this Summer 2017

By Jason R Norton, on 17 February 2017

This is our first communication to our Lecturecast community to let you know that this summer we will be upgrading the Lecturecast service.

The current platform provided by Echo360 under the UCL brand name of Lecturecast has been in service for 6 years. During this time, Lecturecast has provided students with over 2 million views and recorded over 17 thousand events.

That platform is now entering its end of life cycle and in order for UCL to provide the best experience to all our users – from our academics and administrators who create and manage content, to our students who use the material to support their learning – we need to replace the system. It is essential that we provide a system that will be fit for purpose and fit for use to meet the requirements and expectations of our Educational Strategy and UCL 2034.

This summer we will be moving to the latest version of the Echo360 product, which the vendor refers to as ALP (Active Learning Platform), however we will still continue to refer to the platform with the name Lecturecast, but if you hear someone mention the ALP platform we hope you will make the connection.

The new platform will provide all the existing functionality and benefits of the old lecture capture platform, but with an improved user interface and a greatly improved underlying technical infrastructure. The system also optionally offers expanded functionality in the areas of engagement tools and analytics that will integrate with the Lecturecast capture system and with Moodle, our virtual learning environment.

On top of upgrading the platform we will also be taking the opportunity to rewrite and enhance the online booking application, which we recognise can be a point of difficulty and confusion.

More details on the advanced features of the platform will be released over the next few months as our internal project and operational support teams continue to refine them. The project will also be actively engaging with you, our users, through various existing forums, focus groups and other events – as well as providing new online resources and training to support the changes.

We hope you’ll be excited to see the improvements to this popular service and included below are a few screen shots from the new product to give you a flavour what the new Lecturecast will look like.

A screen shot of the new Lecturecast player interface

A screen shot of the new Lecturecast player interface

A screenshot of the Lecturecast new course homepage

A screenshot of the Lecturecast new course homepage

A screenshot of the personal media libray

A screenshot of the personal media libray

2 Responses to “Lecturecast is Changing this Summer 2017”

  • 1
    Paul wrote on 13 March 2017:

    Hello – we have over a 100 lectures recorded on the current system. Will they be migrated to the new system?

  • 2
    Sheilina wrote on 26 April 2017:

    This is good news!
    Especially if it makes the booking process more straight forward.
    Thank you.

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