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Wikipedia Course Leaders’ event

By Mira Vogel, on 15 August 2016

Wikimedia UK held a Wikipedia Course Leaders event on the afternoon of July 19th. The meeting brought together academics who use Wikipedia in their modules, Wikipedians in Residence, and other Wikipedia and higher education enthusiasts (like me) to exchange their practice and think about some of the challenges of working for assessment in an environment which is very much alive and out in the world.

As you can imagine, we were all in agreement about the potential of Wikipedia in our respective disciplines, which included Applied Human Geography, Psychology, Law, World Christianity, and Research Methods for Film. As you can see from the notes we took, we discussed colleagues’ and students’ reservations, tensions and intersections between Wikimedia and institutional agendas, relationships between students and other Wikipedians, assessment which is fair and well-supported, and Wikipedia tools for keeping track of students. There are plenty of ideas, solutions, and examples of good and interesting practice. There is a new and developing Wikimedia page for UK universities.

If you are interested in using Wikipedia to give your students the experience of public writing on the Web and contributing within a global community of interest, there is plenty of support.

2 Responses to “Wikipedia Course Leaders’ event”

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    IOE_ITServices wrote on 15 August 2016:

    RT @UCLDigiEd: Wikipedia Course Leaders’ event: Wikimedia UK held a Wikipedia Course Leaders event on… https://t.co/RqzgiDrFYx

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    Jim Tyson wrote on 24 August 2016:

    Hi Mira. Did the discussion touch on any other wikimedia, such as wikibooks, wikiversity? I think a really interesting idea is that students could use a wikimedium to write the course text.

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