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JISC Netskills E-learning Essentials BTEC Certificate (3 day workshop)

By Jessica Gramp, on 8 October 2014

Recently two UCL staff from Management Science and Innovation (MS&I) attended a JISC workshop that covers learning theories and shows how technology can be usefully applied in practice using Scenario based learning methods. Matt Smith is the Learning Technologist for MS&I and came away with useful ideas that he has been able to share with his colleagues to develop technology-rich, scenario-based learning.

Sarah Warnes also attended the workshop and emerged from the workshop feeling enthusiastic about e-learning. She has since been granted an E-Learning Development Grant to develop a scenario based programme for her students in Moodle in collaboration with Matt Smith and a student developer. Sarah explained that every teaching technology “has to be about how it’s adding value to the learning experience” and not just used for technology’s sake. This point became even more evident during the JISC workshop.

The 3 day workshop is called ‘E-learning Essentials’ and upon completion participants receive a BTEC Certificate. “[It] teaches comprehensive techniques, methodologies and tools to enable you to confidently design, develop, assess and evaluate e-learning” (JISC NetSkills 2014).

The next workshop runs from 25th – 27th November 2014 at Euston House, London. Read more and sign up here: http://www.netskills.ac.uk/content/products/workshops/event/euston-nov14-elrness-r1/index.html

Find out more about the course…


JISC Netskills (2014) E-learning Essentials: BTEC Certificate

Providing you with the skills to create high-quality e-learning solutions [online] Available from: http://www.netskills.ac.uk/content/products/workshops/range/elrness.html [Accessed: 18-09-2014].

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