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Lynda.com is now available at UCL

By Jessica Gramp, on 7 October 2014

Want to learn how to edit video on your iPhone or iPad, use excel to analyse your research data, or find a job online?

UCL is currently trialling Lynda.com for 12 months and depending on the uptake this may be extended.

Lynda.com contains online resources to help you improve your software, technology, business and creative skills. It can be used for staff development, or to help students learn new skills that are useful for university and the workplace.

UCL has a premium subscription, which means you can download content to watch offline on your mobile device and you can also download any files required to complete the exercises.

To access Lynda go to Lynda.com and in the top right hand corner click “log in“, then go to the “Log in through your organisation or school” box on the right hand side and enter “www.ucl.ac.uk” This takes you to the UCL Single sign on page where you have to enter your UCL credentials, once successful you are returned to Lynda.com.

The direct link to the UCL login is here bit.ly/ucl_lynda

ISD will be developing web pages and information for users over the next week. Please note that there may be some brief technical outages initially while the system is configured specifically for UCL, however, we do not expect this to stop people using the service overall.

Take a look at the following ‘Moodle Essential Training’ to get an idea of what Lynda.com offers:



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