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Doing more with media – first meeting of the UCL Media and Video SIG

By Vicki Dale, on 26 November 2013

Today a group of 15 enthusiasts representing all three schools met for the first Media and Video SIG. This special interest group has been established to explore the growing role of video and audio in teaching, create a community of practice and offer practical solutions. Clive Young (E-Learning Environments) and Paul Walker (Centre for the Advancement in Learning and Teaching) led a brainstorming activity to identify opportunities, problems, areas of interest and potential activities for the new SIG.

Photo of flipchart sheet from the SIG

Opportunities identified by the video/media SIG

Opportunities abound! There seems to be a real willingness among teachers to embrace media-enhanced teaching. ELE are exploring video hosting solutions including a YouTube-type UCL video repository which will integrate with Moodle. CALT are keen to support a dedicated media-recording space for central use and offer filming guidance via experts, while some faculties, like Engineering, are planning to set up their own recording space. Information Studies staff have expertise in creating quality podcasts that they can share with the group.

Challenges that were identified included lack of access to recording equipment and editing software, as well as expertise in producing video. Other issues that the group wanted advice on included intellectual property rights, how to keep up with media-savvy publishers in terms of producing high-quality video (at moderate expense) and a lack of awareness about what UCL offers in the way of equipment loans, support and training.

Despite the challenges, people are definitely keen to do more with media. Members of the SIG want a media repository where they can store material securely and where they can tag media so that sensitive material is only used in particular contexts and within an agreed time frame. Everyone was interested in interactive e-learning; as well as creating their own resources, the group want to know about other educational media available via the creative commons license.

To accomplish these goals, the group asked for summer workshops on media in teaching, and to participate in an online community exchange of frustrations, solutions and good practice (via the E-Learning Champions network). The group were also keen to develop case studies from their experience to share with like-minded individuals. Individuals wanting to know more can contact Clive Young (c.p.l.young@ucl.ac.uk) or Paul Walker (paul.walker@ucl.ac.uk) for more information or visit the UCL E-Learning Champions’ Moodle.

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