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    Moodle on your mobile – preview of what’s to come

    By Matt Jenner, on 6 February 2012

    In June 2012 UCL Moodle is being upgraded. One new feature will be mobile device support. This preview will give a five minute demonstration of what’s coming to a mobile near you:

    If you have ever tried to use Moodle on your smartphone you’ll know the experience isn’t fantastic. Our analytics information show that 7% of all UCL Moodlers are accessing the site with their smartphone so we hope they will welcome this mobile-friendly view. As browser-enabled devices become more ubiquitous (or pervasive!) we must make an effort to ensure they are catered for. A lot can be said for enabling a more mobile attitude towards learning and teaching at UCL. Although it can not be presumed that all (or even the majority) of students own a mobile device nor the numbers for those wanting to learn with something that is primarily a personal communication and entertainment device.

    In addition to the video, there will also be a mobile app for Moodle. Details of this will emerge in due course (we’re still working on that part).