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    Introducing improved quizzes in Moodle 2

    By Jessica Gramp, on 2 February 2012

    The quiz engine in Moodle 2 offers several improvements over the one in Moodle 1.9, including the ability to flag questions to return to later and an overview screen before submission showing a student if they have failed to answer any questions. More information is available about the Moodle 2 quiz engine here:



    Already available in Moodle 1.9

    Moodle quizzes have the ability to show the percentage of students who get the answer correct, incorrect and also whether the question adequately  distinguishes proficient from weak learners, by showing a discrimination coefficient and a discrimination index for every question. If either of these show a number below 0 (excluding  -999) this means that the question favours weaker learners and needs to be reworked or removed from future tests.