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Moodle 2 Preview

By Matt Jenner, on 10 November 2011

Tuesday 8 November saw the Learning Technology Support Service deliver a preview presentation of Moodle 2 to an energised and motivated selection of staff and students at UCL. Exact attendance was always a bit of a mystery due to our open invitation and bookings but it was well attended and we are sure that the ‘Moodle is improving’ message is now spreading virally across UCL. If not, the purple banners on the homepage will help. The preview covered the main essential things about Moodle 2, namely:

  • Moodle is great, we want to build on that
  • Your existing courses, enrolments, structure, resources and activities will be brought into Moodle 2 and function largely as they do already
  • Moodle 2 is an opportunity for UCL to develop a truly excellent online learning and teaching environment
The preview itself was recorded and will be made available in the near future.
Next on the horizon is the formation of a Moodle User Group. Staff and students are encouraged to sign-up and take part as we move towards Moodle 2. We want to keep the communication channels open and clear as our goal is to improve upon the already solid foundations of UCL Moodle. Participation from this group will be strongly encouraged. To find out more, or sign up, click the following links:
We are encouraged to see that so far 1/3 of all registrations are students, which continues to reinforce our open approach, after all they are the largest group of users on Moodle and their input is most valuable.
Over the coming months we will be sure to keep you informed of what’s coming, and where you can get involved…

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