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Moodle@UCL – Development Planning for 2011

By Matt Jenner, on 10 March 2011

Last year we trialled a Moodle Development Plan. The idea was simple, there’s so much Moodle can do we felt that listing down all the changes coming would help people to see a ‘roadmap’ of what’s in store for Moodle and the next year. It proved to be successful so this year we have written another one.

Moodle Development Plan 2011

You’ll see each development which is currently in progress and an expected review date – ideally this would be completion date, but being realistic, sometimes things take a while to get done. We welcome any comments and ideas for Moodle developments from the UCL community, and beyond.

Next year our development plan is likely to contain only one item: Moodle 2.0 – and we will be giving out much more detail on this very soon.

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