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Apps and the end of lectures?

By Clive Young, on 8 February 2011

Why should we spend so much time memorising this much when the information is easily accessible?

Interesting article in this months medicalstudent – Are iPhone apps replacing traditional lectures? It’s on page 5.

Echoes the comments of Prof Sugata Mitra, star of TED and ALT-C (hole-in-the wall computers etc) when asked asked last year to make three predictions  – in just 2 minutes – about what universities would be like in 2025 – one of the areas he obviously felt quite strongly about was how mobile computing might change medical education.

3 Responses to “Apps and the end of lectures?”

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    Matt Whyndham wrote on 28 February 2011:

    Interesting, and confirms my suspicion that although scientists (and medics) must write, they can’t necessarily do it well!

    Turning off the targeting computer for a finer attack on the problem is an option only for the extremely well-prepared, so I think swotting for exams is going to remain a feature of high-criticality occupations like flying, law, medicine and a few others.

    Hand-held references don’t replace knowledge, only shelf-held references.

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    Matt Whyndham wrote on 28 February 2011:

    by the way, links broken in this post.

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    ccaacyo wrote on 1 March 2011:

    Links now fixed!

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