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Audiology Taster Course reaches all over the globe!

Lucy E Handscomb11 December 2018

Map showing taster course users around the worldThree months ago, we launched our free Audiology Taster Course on UCLeXtend featuring modules such as an Introduction to Hair Cells, Living with Hearing Loss and more.

Each module consists of a series of fun, short videos made by TV producer Nathan Williams accompanied by extra information, resources and quizzes put together by the Ear Institute teaching staff.

More than 150 people have now registered on the course, mostly from the UK but some from as far afield as Thailand, Kuwait and the Phillipines!

Many registrants have posted on our message board, and feedback has been really positive. Some have engaged with the course out of professional interest while others have told us the course has helped them understand their own deafness or that of their children.

Screenshot of part of Amazing Hearing System courseThe most viewed topic so far has been ‘The Amazing Hearing System’, presented by Torsten and featuring slinky springs being dropped into the atrium from above. Each section of the course has a comments board, which anyone can contribute to. You can add links to interesting stories connected to hearing or deafness.

Sign up to the course and become part of our growing global community of learners!