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Ear Aid Nepal

By Priya Singh, on 19 April 2016

Green Pastures ComplexI am finally back in England after the most amazing and inspiring trip I have ever had. Nepal is beyond anything I could have imagined. During my preparations, I read as much as I could but my expectations were truly exceeded. I think it was quoted in Lonely Planet that while most people will go to Nepal the first time for the mountains, they will go back for its people. Judging by all the people I met, this is very true! Warm, friendly, helpful and caring. While Nepal is one of the poorest countries, we have so much to learn from its people and lifestyle, and so much to be truly grateful for.

The team at the Green Pastures Complex are a small group who are truly inspirational. Their love for what they are all doing is evident in the running of the hospital and the satisfaction of the patients. Despite fuel and electricity shortages and the far-reaching consequences of the Earthquake last April, they are all still managing to deliver a first-class service in Ear and Hearing care. The hospital is built on INF land and has an attached farm and spinal injuries rehab unit as well as the historical Leprosy Hospital. It is a remarkable place providing much needed care to the people of Pokhara and beyond!

Hearing assessmentThe Audiology team comprises Sandra, Pratiksha and Sujit. They assess and manage both children and adults, fitting hearing aids and are committed to constantly developing the service they offer. It was such a privilege spending time with them and sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other!
My bag of goodies (thanks to you all! And GN Otometrics, Sivantos, Phonak and Oticon!) arrived a day after I did…But what a delight! Pratiksha and Sandra claimed it was better than Christmas!

The time went by so fast and I am looking forward to continuing the relationship we have started via technology and future visits! I want to thank everyone on both my behalf and those I met at the Hospital in Pokhara for your support, generosity and encouragement. It was a successful trip only made possible by you all and I thank you with all my heart.

Ear Aid Nepal

The team - Priya, Sandra, Pratiksha & Sujit

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