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Preserving Your Work Workshop

By Sarah Dhanjal, on 8 July 2013

On Saturday 29th  June we held our last workshop for All Our Stories groups on archiving and preservation.  The workshops looked at archiving both the outcomes that the projects had created and the materials that they have been collecting.  The sessions looked at different kinds of materials and archives, with a view to ensuring their preservation for as long as possible.

Anna Sexton and Jenny Bunn began the day with a workshop that looked at paper and digital archives.  The workshop used Anna’s personal family archive as a practical example, with which participants followed the  processes that Anna  explained.


Jenny discussed relevant issues in digital archiving.  Anna and Jenny’s PowerPoint can be found here: Anna and Jenny’s Presentation

After lunch, Glynn and Adam from the Museum of London’s London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC) presented a session on looking after objects.  They began by looking at materials, how to identify them and assess their condition.  They then moved on to consider the needs that different materials have and the risks associated with storing them.  Adam finished the workshop by demonstrating how to pack a coin, an exercise which showed the kinds of materials and techniques that need to be used to pack objects to the LAARC’s standards.

Glynn and Adam’s PowerPoint to be added here:

Andrew finished the day by discussing how to archive oral history.  Andrew looked at archiving and lodging material with a repository, how to ensure the best possible standards and documentation.

Andrew’s PowerPoint can be found here: Andrew’s Presentation

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