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UCLDH (and DH) in the news

By Anne Welsh, on 15 July 2010

Times Higher Education today carries a report on UCLDH Deputy Director Dr Melissa Terras’s closing plenary speech at DH2010 on Saturday.

Reporter Sarah Cunnane focuses on Mel’s call for members of the DH community “to sharpen up on the web or lose out” (THE).

This was only one aspect of the 40-minute long plenary, which used the Transcribe Bentham project as a vehicle to highlight achievements and challenges faced by Digital Humanists in the last decade as well as in the future.

The first time the Digital Humanities conference invited a member of its own community to give the closing keynote, the speech received a tremendous response from those present at the time and from those who read Mel’s notes on her blog and / or watched the video on arts-humanities.net You can read the tweets at #dh2010

The issues raised by Mel in her plenary will also be the topic under discussion at the next Decoding Digital Humanities meeting.

Image: Simon Mahony, originally posted to arts-humanities.net