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Alumna Visiting UCLDH Under Erasmus+

By Simon Mahony, on 21 September 2019

It was my great pleasure to welcome Vera Motyckova, a student from my very first class here (2010), back to UCL under the Erasmus+ scheme. We had extensive discussions about Digital Humanities teaching and research as well as course administration and other academic activities within the area of Digital Humanities. Working on H2020 herself, she was very interested to meet with DH colleagues also working on H2020. Vera was also keen to see the changes since she was here last and we visited our Digitisation Suite, the new Student Centre and other rebuilt parts of the College. It was also a good opportunity for Vera to resurrect her UCL email account and search out assignments and feedback.

Vera with Simon 2019

Vera with Simon 2019

Vera at Graduation 2011

Vera at Graduation 2011

It was great to be back at UCL DIS almost a decade later after I graduated and got my MA in Electronic Communication and Publishing in 2010. After leaving UCL I went to work for the BBC to commission online educational content. I returned back to the Czech Republic in 2016 and have now had the opportunity to visit UCL from the Department of Information Technologies at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) through the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme. The visit was very useful and productive, we shared best practice and explored opportunities for further collaboration, and I am very much looking forward to this cooperation. I would like to thank Simon for organising an excellent programme for me at UCL and for all his help during my stay.

Vera Motyckova

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