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Interdisciplinary Research posts

By Claire L H Warwick, on 20 February 2012

I’m delighted to say that the UCL Faculties of Arts and Humanities and Social and Historical Sciences are advertising three new Research Associate posts in interdisciplinary research in Arts and Humanities. Unlike a more traditional Research Fellowship, where an individual goes away and works for three years on an individual project, these must involve work across different disciplines. The people we are hoping to appoint must be able to work on an interdisciplinary topic within a single subject, or create connections between two or more subject areas within the arts and humanities or link arts and humanities research with that in other disciplinary areas. They must also work in a team-based, multi-disciplinary context, whether they decide to do this in the context of an existing group or to found their own.

These posts are likely to be highly competitive, but still, I hope that we shall see some good applicants from DH and from the wider field of Information Studies. Many of us enjoy working across disciplinary boundaries after all, and most of us work in teams. It would also be a great way to further the excellent links we have with other parts of UCL.

If you are interested in applying, please read the guidance notes carefully. I can’t stress too much that these are not like traditional research fellowships, and neither is the application process. Before you apply you must have identified at least one UCL member of staff as a potential mentor and if your research would take place within an existing interdisciplinary centre such as UCLDH, the European Institute or Early Modern Exchanges you must have discussed your proposal with the head of that centre too. Please do get in touch with people as soon as possible before the deadline to discuss your ideas and proposed research: we will not accept applications from people who have not identified individuals and groups that they would like to work with, and gained their support.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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