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QRator Project

By Claire S Ross, on 16 December 2010

UCLDH has a new project, small, but hopefully perfectly formed.

We are working with UCL Museums and Collections and CASA on a project Called QRator.

With the help of UCL’s Public Engagement Unit Innovation Seed funding the QRator project is exploring how handheld mobile devices, QR codes and interactive digital labels can create new models for public engagement, personal meaning making and the construction of narrative opportunities inside museum spaces. The project aims to engage members of the public within the Grant Museum by allowing them to become the ‘Curators’.

The project aims to work with UCL museums to become a true forum for academic-public debate, using low cost, readily available technology, enabling the public to collaborate and discuss museum concepts and object interpretation with museum curators, academic researchers and each other.

The Grant Museum has some really brilliant specimens, a playful attitude and a refreshing outlook for pushing the boundaries of how museums should/could behave. The team behind CASA’s wicked Tales of Things project are providing the technical knowhow and the development and UCLDH is undertaking the user evaluation.

You can find out a bit more about the QRator project at the UCL Public Engagement site

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