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Researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences? Come to THATCamp Paris!

By Claire S Ross, on 14 April 2010

The first continental THATCamp is to be held May 18–19, 2010 – Paris, France.  It’s a brilliant opportunity to contribute to the Digital Humanities Field.  THATCamp is a user-generated “unconference” on digital humanities.  It is a brilliant opportunity to present work, share knowledge, and actively collaborate with fellow digital humanities scholars.

The spectrum of digital humanities is broad, and the first European ThatCamp, can afford to cover very diverse areas. To find out more  about ThatCamp Paris 2010, you can view the ThatCamp Paris blog or the ThatCamp Paris wiki.

Who should attend?
Anyone with energy and an interest in digital humanities: Advanced students, researchers, teachers, engineers, librarians and lovers of Humanities and Social Sciences

you can register your name in the list of applications.

you can suggest a workshop.

you can offer your help.

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    John Bradley wrote on 26 April 2010:

    If you happen to miss the Paris THATCamp, you might consider one closer to home: the London THATCamp which is happening 6-7th July at King’s College London, in connection with the DH2010 conference. Like the Paris event (indeed, like all THATCamps), THATCamp London will be a user-generated “unconference” on the digital Humanities.

    Like all THATCamps, the London THATCamp is free. Sign up at http://thatcamplondon.org, and you can attend it even if you are not planning to take part in DH2010. Closing date for application to attend is 10th May.

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