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Defining Digital Humanities




Digital humanities and design

sayDHDesign is an integral part of creating digital or print resources. In this section we provide a link to versions of logos, book covers, journal covers, adverts, infographics, and other graphic, design, and multimedia materials that have emerged from the Digital Humanities community. We do not endorse any content we use here, and indeed, we have not asked permission to feature most of the materials in this section, as they are freely available online. However, if you believe you are the copyright holder of this content and do not want to be featured in this archive of Digital Humanities related material, please do let us know and we will immediately remove it from this site. We have attempted to provide an overview of the different materials in the area, which cannot feature in a print reader, but are interesting when trying to understand the message that Digital Humanities is promoting through non-print materials. We are building up our archive of Logos, Print design, Adverts and Memes, and if there is anything else you think should be featured on this site, please do let us know.