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E-Resource of the month – SPORT Discus

By Abir Mukherjee, on 29 May 2015

imagesWith recent ‘fever-pitch’ level interest in sports-related topics in the media and an increasing number of sports medicine enquiries at UCL Cruciform Hub this month, SPORT Discus is this month’s e-resource of the month. Whilst Sports Science researchers may already be familar with databases such as Pubmed, Medline or multidisciplinary resources like Web of Science, SPORT Discus is a specialist sports science resource, indexing over 600 journals plus dissertations; conference proceeding and magazine article records.

 The EBSCO search platform allows for mapping terms to thesaurus for subject headings as well as advanced search techniques like truncations, wildcards and proximity operators.

As with other resources, UCL students and staff can access this database via the library pages, selecting ‘Electronic Resources’ and ‘Databases’ before choosing SPORT Discus from the alphabetical list (off-site access will require ISD login).

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    pergamon09 wrote on 29 May 2015:

    RT @ucl_crucitwit: E-Resource of the month – SPORT Discus: With recent ‘fever-pitch’ level interes… http://t.co/W2A2uftXK9

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