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New Copyright Exceptions to become law on 1st June

By ucylcjh, on 16 May 2014

The latest on the copyright exceptions is that the updated exceptions for Disability; Research, Education, Libraries & Archives; and Public Administration have all completed the Parliamentary process this week and will become law on 1st June. This is thanks in part to energetic lobbying by the library and archives community. The commitment of the IP Minister (Lord Younger) to updating the legislation and the hard work of the IPO should also be acknowledged. A few other changes (contained in 2 statutory instruments) have been held back for closer scrutiny, but there is still hope that this is just a temporary delay. The exceptions which have been delayed are the Private copying exception, covering format changing by private individuals and the new Quotation and Parody exceptions. The Quotation and Parody exceptions are very significant for us and we must hope that it is just a matter of time, but most of the changes of obvious relevance to UCL have passed.

Follow this link to see Lord Younger’s latest statement.

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