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Sharing research findings from the UCL Communication Clinic: keeping the conversation going

By Michael P Dean, on 25 September 2018

On the 13th September we held a conference to share findings of the research projects that have been carried out over the last year. The majority of people in the audience were the participants in the research – people with acquired communication difficulties. The conference is one of the ways that we can show people see how their contributions have been used: what we have learned together and the role they play in students’ development. It is also an opportunity to ask questions and talk about new projects. We will put some of the presentations and posters on the Communication Clinic’s webpage (find it by following this link) and a summary of the research will appear in our next Update Newsletter.

Stroke Odysseys

By Michael P Dean, on 14 May 2018

Two service users from the Communication Clinic perform in the production ‘Stroke Odysseys’ at The Place on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May.  It’s a “daring movement and song project performed by an ensemble of stroke survivors […] explores intertwined journeys of recovery from stroke and asks how we ever recover from brain injury or how we remember who we are. The performance is supported by a panel discussion with dancers, musicians, neurologists and neuroscientists and explores what impact the act of storytelling through dance and song may have on the brain’s ability to heal itself.”

More information can be found by following this link.

Photo by Ben Joseph

Research update

By Michael P Dean, on 16 February 2018


We have a new issue of our Research Update newsletter. This contains a summary of projects that have taken place over the last year, and gives an idea of why we planned the research, w hat the volunteers who took part were asked to do, and what we learned as a result. We hope that the summaries are easy to follow – please let us know! The newsletter can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

January newsletter

By Michael P Dean, on 30 January 2018

Click here to open a copy of our newsletter.

It contains contributions from service users, students and staff, and gives a snapshot of life both inside and outside the clinic.


Sharing research findings from the UCL Communication Clinic: starting the conversation

By Michael P Dean, on 2 November 2017

confFindings of recent projects were presented by research staff and students at a conference for our volunteer research participants. The day included talks by service users about their motivations for, and experiences of, taking part in research.  A key theme was the importance of giving feedback on the outcome of the research. The conference itself is one way in which we can do this. Speakers had to think carefully about making their talks accessible to people with acquired communication difficulties.

Total Communication – top tips

By Michael P Dean, on 24 March 2017

TCMembers of the Total Communication Group at the UCL Clinic have worked together to produce a poster about Total Communication and the ways in which other people can support those who use it. They have some interesting ideas about things that help them use Total Communication!


You can download the poster by clicking on this link.

Mexican recipes

By Michael P Dean, on 23 March 2017

mexican food

Hola Everyone,

I am J. I come from Mexico and I live in London.

I love to cook and eat Mexican food.

I am a member of the UCL Clinic and I would like to share my recipes with everyone. Enjoy!

Buen Provecho! J.

You can open a copy of the recipes by clicking on this link.

March newsletter

By Michael P Dean, on 16 March 2017

A bumper addition of the clinic’s newsletter can be downloaded by following this link.

The newsletter contains summaries of recent projects, news, and contributions from our service users.


Read all about it

By Michael P Dean, on 23 February 2017

Members of one of the Clinic’s groups recently worked on a letter that has been published in our local newspaper. Click on this link to read the letter in full.

Why did you, the group, write the letter to Camden New Journal?

To draw attention to people about aphasia and the cuts to aftercare. Wanted the MP to do something about it.

How do you feel about your letter being published?

It’s a good start. Need it in other papers and media too.

Team effort! All the people in the group helped to write the letter including the student speech and language therapists and some family members.



Research Update Newsletter

By Michael P Dean, on 3 February 2017

ChandlerHouse_01[1]We keep a register of people with acquired communication difficulties who would like to take part in research projects.  Our first newsletter for research participants can be downloaded by clicking here (pdf file). It contains summaries of recently completed projects as well as some coming up, plus an article written by a research volunteer. If you would like to take part, get in touch – details are in the newsletter.