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The drawing class

By Michael P Dean, on 11 July 2016

Ben attends the UCL Communication Clinic on Mondays.  He has been using voice recognition software (Dragon Naturally Speaking) to produce written texts while working on his speech and language skills. He wrote the passage below about a recent activity:

Today has been much like every other day, although with one big difference.

Today , I went to see what the drawing class is like. I was very excited. Especially as I have now got only my left hand to draw with, and so I will have to get used to it. Before I went, I thought, ” Oh no, this could be fun, or tragic!”

The place is called Midnight Gallery and is located in Balham. There were a few other people there, so that was quite good. However, I was only one there with a Stroke, which felt a bit weird. I will be honest and say that I wasn’t the best I have been. However, it was quite good using my left hand. I will say that all in all, it was a good time. It was weird to be using my left hand as opposed to my right, because up until now I had always been a right handed drawer. I also found it quite fun to try, and do it with my left hand, including oil paints which is something I’ve never done with my left hand before. I quickly gave up and instead used pencils to draw. However, if I do go again, which I believe I will, I shall start on drawing and leave the oil painting for another time. With one hand it is not that fun. It will be cool to see how much I have changed over the next few weeks.

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