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Aphasia written by Alan

By Michael P Dean, on 22 June 2015

This was written using the Dragon software

At 11 o’clock I had a droop in my face I couldn’t talk. I went to the hospital by ambulance, and a consultant gave me a aspirin and sent me home. A two o’clock I had stroke 24 hours later I woke up on stroke ward.

I couldn’t speak the right side of my body was numb. I could only say yellow and yes. I spent the next three weeks on the stroke ward. Then I went down to the rehab ward for four months and one week. I had speech classes and physiotherapy three times a week. I was in the wheelchair for one month. I got out of the wheelchair because I was so determined. Now five months later I had physio and speech classes once a week. And now 6 weeks later it stopped and I felt alone. Now I walk with a stick and am talking a lot better. 50% of the talking is all right but communicating is frustrating. Now I have speech classes once a week on Monday’s. Tuesday I have the gym. Saturday I have yoga classes.