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Seeking research participants: syntactic attention training and non-invasive brain stimulation

By Michael P Dean, on 14 April 2015

Speech and language therapist Emma Dodd, together with Professor Rosemary Varley and Dr Amir-Homayoun Javadi, is piloting an exciting new syntactic attention training in patients with post stroke comprehension difficulties, combined with non-invasive electrical brain stimulation (tDCS).

If you’re aware of any people with aphasia who may benefit, please do get in touch. These could be people who have not made progress with other impairment-based therapies, they may be discharged but hoping for further intervention, or on a waiting list.

The key criteria for taking part are:
– chronic (>3 months post stroke) moderate-to-severe comprehension difficulties (participants may have associated expressive language difficulties)
– not receiving other impairment-based speech and language therapy at the time of baseline measures, the two week intensive therapy block and follow up measures (participants may continue to attend social communication groups during the study)
– no history of seizures
– no metal implants in the head, or cardiac pacemakers
Emma will be glad to speak with anyone who has queries and can provide more detailed information. Her email address is emma.dodd.14@ucl.ac.uk