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Recent and forthcoming CHIME publications

By Henry W W Potts, on 10 January 2011

To welcome in 2011, here’s a brief overview of some recent or forthcoming publications by CHIME staff.

Taylor P, Potts H, Wilkinson L, Given-Wilson R (2010). Impact of CAD with full field digital mammography on workflow and cost. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6136, 1-8.

Taylor P (2010). Modeling the impact of CAD on the outcomes of the UK Breast Screening Programme. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6136, 129-36.

… are two papers from Paul Taylor continuing to explore CAD, computer-aided diagnosis, in mammography.

Michie S, Rubin J, Potts H (2010). The role of media reporting in determining public worry during the swine flu outbreak. Psychology and Health, 25(S1), 122-3.

… is a published abstract continuing our work on the psychology of the swine flu pandemic. We hope to have a paper accepted in Vaccine soon too.

Tingle J, Bark P (ed.s) (2011). Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice. Routledge. ISBN: 0415557313. 220 pages.

… is due in March. This book, co-edited and with chapters by Pippa Bark, explores the impact of legal systems on patient safety initiatives. More on this as we get closer to publication.

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