Where To Go In Europe – News Update!

By Samantha J Rayner, on 25 January 2013

Congratulations to Porcelain Press (Natalie, Francie, Hannah, Paige, and David) for their winning cover design for Where To Go In Europe.  The team’s ideas (which will feature here in more detail shortly!) won them high praise from one of the authors of the book, Professor Wendy Bracewell, who said their work was “particularly terrific (out of a whole series of really attractive options)”.  The team each win a £15 book token.  Wendy commented that the whole class were “all wonderfully imaginative and professional” and that she is “really looking forward” to the next stages.

This will involve everyone in the cohort having the chance to take on a role in the production and promotion of the book, with a deadline for publication of Easter.  Look out for more news on this project in the coming weeks!