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The 2019 UCL Publishing Blog team

By Ian G Evans, on 28 October 2019

Hi! I’m Lucy Owen and I’m really excited to be part of the UCL Publishing Blog team alongside Charlotte this year. I’m originally from Scotland, so if you see anyone hanging around in a kilt, eating haggis or drinking Irn Bru, that’s probably me. I did my undergrad in Classical Studies at Newcastle University, which I graduated from in 2017. After quickly realising that all a degree in Classical Studies is good for is winning the occasional pub quiz, I began work at a media company in Edinburgh, where I stayed for two years. I then went on to work for the Underbelly Press Office at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival before moving down to London in September. I write the occasional book review on my blog howtomessupyourtwenties.blog in between talking about my everyday life. I’m also a big horror fan and I love a good biography. I’d really like the UCL Publishing Blog to be a useful platform that everyone can use and learn from; so if you have any ideas/suggestions please feel free to get in contact via email/Facebook/Twitter/carrier pigeon!


Hi everyone! I’m Charlotte Webster, and I’m passionate about cats, pasta, and books (obviously). Right now, I’m into dystopias, sci-fi, and fantasy, but I can be persuaded to read pretty much anything. I’m hoping to become an editor for an academic publishing house, and am particularly interested in copyright and open access. I’m really excited to be working with Lucy this year on the UCL MA Publishing blog. As this MA will serve as a network for us in the future, I’m hoping to use this space to write profiles on our fellow MA publishers-to-be (Why are you interested in publishing? What academic background have you come from? What area of publishing do you hope to go into?). I also want to keep you all updated with interesting publishing events. Most importantly, I want to make this a useful space for you guys, so please do let me know if you have any ideas! You can contact me via my UCL email (charlotte.webster.15@ucl.ac.uk), Facebook, or Twitter.

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