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The Publishing Project, Group 5: Reaching the Finish Line

By uczccgl, on 11 May 2016

For seven months, the publishing project has been such a big part of my academic and personal life that it feels a little strange to know we are so close to the end of it. It is something every member of my group has worked on tirelessly, both collectively and individually, and we couldn’t be more proud of what the final product is shaping out to look like. We sent off the final manuscript to print at the end of April, and hopefully will be receiving the books from Clays in the next couple of weeks.

So, what is left to do now that the manuscript is finished and has been sent off to print?

A few things, actually.

The major one for Works In Progress is shipping. Every author and illustrator who contributed to the work is owed a copy of the book as payment, and a total of thirty-four of the people who donated to our Indiegogo campaign gave enough to cover the cost of a physical copy of the book as well as shipping. That means we need to ship a total of sixty-two books around the world, which is going to cost us approximately £400 via the Royal Mail. Luckily we have the funds for it.

Additionally, there are a few things left to do that is unique to the Works In Progress project: creating an Epub version of the book, planning a launch party, finalise the musical component of the project, launch the official website, and make sure that those who purchased additional perks from our Indiegogo, such as prints of the illustrations, receive these along with the book.

Finally, there are a couple of things every group has to do before the publishing project is well and truly over.


  • Each group has to create a portfolio where they include:
    • Brief outline of the group’s project — what the group worked on, how and why the group conceived of it and how the group divided up and handled responsibilities
    • Working documents (budgets, schedules and other management files)
    • Minutes from meetings
    • Correspondence with printers
    • Correspondence with contributors
    • Design and Development Documents
    • Curated selection of the group’s marketing and promotional efforts
    • Any other specific documents that are relevant to the group’s project (materials for judges, website links, link to audio files, photography, etc.)
  • Every student has to write a 2500-word reflection piece (individual of the group) where they include:
    • The student’s contribution to the group
    • What skills the student has developed and learned
    • What the student feels went well and what they might do differently in the future


When these tasks have been completed, so has the project. At this point, it’s all about time management and making sure you get these things done while completing your internship, working on your dissertation, and preparing for the end-of-the-year-exam.

It’s a lot, but worth it in the end, especially as I know that I’m nearly at the finish line.

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