(New Term!) Weekly Round-Up

By Helena McNish, on 17 January 2017

Happy Tuesday to everyone! This Tuesday marks the second day of the second week of our second term here at the Centre for Publishing at UCL (last week we were all inundated with coursework deadlines), so we certainly have a lot to get going with. So without further ado, let’s get on with our weekly round-up, your resource for course news, industry news, and fun little things to do that are (as ever) book-related.

Course Events

The seminar on Discovery and Discoverability, organised by the department, taking place Wednesday 18th, 13.30 for a start at 14.30. It is free to attend for all those on the course. See the email from Nick on how to RSVP.

Similarly, on the 25th January there is a Digital Publishing forum, run by the Publishers’ Association, taking place 16.00 – 17.00 followed by a drinks reception. See the email from Nick on how to RSVP.

Course News

UCL Publishers’ Prize

As always, the UCL Publishers’ Prize is open for submissions! They are accepting all forms of writing to the theme METAMORPHOSIS, with submissions closing at the end of January. They’ve started gathering their judges and prizes (we hear on the grapevine) and submissions are beginning to roll in (we heard that on the grapevine too). Get writing!

Find them and more information on their twitter, facebook, and website.

Work Experience with Penguin

Penguin Random House have officially opened applications for work experience placements from March to May. See here for more information and how to apply!

Publishing News

Penguin Ladybird Experts

Staying true to the brand that is the Ladybird guide books, Penguin are set to release a series of ‘Expert’ Ladybird books for adults on the 26th of January. Topics include Climate Change, Evolution, and Quantum Mechanics. (Thanks to Madison for tweeting this out for us to see!)

Academic Book Week

#AcBookWeek is fast approaching (it’s next week!) a time to celebrate and discuss anything and everything about academic publishing. Follow the # and see the website here to keep up!

What Books helped Barack Obama in his presidency?

The Bookseller reports that Barack Obama has noted The Underground Railroad, The Three-Body Problem, and A Bend in the River as particularly playing a role within his presidency. See the article here (and keep an eye out in-store for the popularity of these books as a result!)

Industry Events

See the BookGig website here for great listings all to do with publishing events!

Bookophile Listicles

32 Exciting Books for 2017

Poll – What Harry Potter thing MUST GO?

Hilarious Tweets about Books

Want to win books??





That’s it from us this week! Let us know if you have any suggestions, questions, if you want to submit a post for the blog – check our blog managers page for our details!


Helena and Emily

Weekly Round-Up

By Helena McNish, on 12 December 2016

Evening, folks! Happy week-beginning 12th November to you all, and welcome to the round-up of Publishing news and updates for this week.

Upcoming Course Events

Filming of ‘Real Publishing’ video
Postgrad Common Room, Foster Court G20, 4pm Thursday 15th
Talk to Jess or see the facebook group for more info!

Weekly Reminders
The flyer and layout tasks are due to Daniel on Wednesday 14th for peer review in the Skills class
Prepare a 2-minute book pitch for Author Management (see the moodle forum for more info)
The Archtech up to 10-minute pitches are taking place in the Entrepreneurship class this Thursday

Programme News

UCL Publishers’ Prize 2017
Submissions are open! Visit their lovely website here for more information and submission guidelines. See their twitter, facebook and instagram for updates on the prize and upcoming events (we hear there is going to be a spoken word night, stay tuned!)

Final Countdown
We also wanted to congratulate everyone on making it to the end of the first semester – it’s been a busy but a fun one! In preparation for the upcoming term (and deadline daze) here’s a handy list of due dates:
Monday 9th January, 2pm: Publishing Entrepreneurship
Friday 13th January, 2pm: Author Management
Monday 16th January, 2pm: Sales, Marketing and Promotion

Publishing Events

Bookgig Listings for London events here

World Book Night 2017
World Book Night is taking place on the 23rd of April 2017 – run by the Reading Agency, the event seeks to connect those who don’t get the chance to read regularly with books gifted through organisations. See more information here and also see how you can get involved.

Publishing News

Bookseller Book Covers Quiz
Anyone a self-proclaimed expert on the covers of this year’s list of published books?
Test your knowledge (and win if you’re the best!) with the Bookseller here. There’s a book bundle in it for you!

Bookseller Top 100
In a similar vein, the Bookseller’s Top 100 most influential people in Publishing (with a surprise 101st) has been announced – see the list here for potential inspiration/existential crises

How To: Open an Independent Bookstore
A discussion on the NYC-based Brian Lehrer show here

SYP Committee
Applications to join the 2017 SYP London and UK committees are now open! This is a fantastic opportunity to be in a fun, voluntary, publishing-related role – see more info here

Atwood Tate Recruitment Youtube channel
Publishing Recruitment Consultancy company Atwood Tate have started a youtube channel! See it here for more information and videos all about what they do in the industry and how they can help

Bookish Things

Buzzfeed Listicle Fix
32 of the most beautiful book covers of 2016
The best books of 2016 (according to Goodreads users)
What’s the Word of the Year?

Quiz Yourself (whilst avoiding your responsiblities)
Have you read all these Classic American Novels?
What’s your reading personality?

Retweet/Reply/Comment to win BOOKS!

And, as always, please send any questions or requests for info our way! We blog managers are always happy to chat, and we are always looking for guest posters to write our bi-monthly guest posts! See the ‘blog managers’ page for our contact information and more about us.

You can find the MA Publishing staff and students on twitter @uclpublishing, and on instagram @publishingucl – check them out for fun posts, pics, and live updates about the course and our classes.

Finally, happy holidays, everyone! Enjoy the season and the approaching dismay of realising you’ve forgotten to get all the presents you need (our advice? Go buy them a book). We’ll see you next week.

Helena and Emily

UCL Publishers’ Prize 2017

By Helena McNish, on 7 December 2016

Happy mid-week, everyone! To help keep us pushing on to Friday and that #fridayfeeling, here is the first of your bi-monthly featured posts from your lovely blog managers. This week I wanted to talk about something fantastic that comes out of the UCL MA Publishing cohort every year: the UCL Publishers’ Prize anthology.

Every year members of our course make up the publishing team for the UCL Publishers’ Prize, a celebration of creative writing from UCL students, undergrad, postgrad, and recent alumni. Since 2014 we have seen four fantastic anthologies produced by the MA Publishing students, including two for 2016 under the themes of Phosphenes and YA Fiction. This year is no different – submissions for the 2017 Prize opened on the 18th of November 2016, accepting writing to the theme ‘Metamorphosis’. They will close (!!!) at the end of January 2017. All submissions will be considered for publication by the team (under a cloak of anonymity), and the ones selected for the anthology will go to an expert panel of judges to award commendations and prizes for the top three. Stay tuned on the Prize’s twitter and facebook for announcements of what these are!

This year’s title ‘Metamorphosis’ has been chosen to tackle and promote key themes of diversity, within the publishing industry and the wider world, and an ever-present desire for progress and change. These are discussions we have been continuously having, both in class and out, and it seems fitting to match this with the writing theme. This year’s Prize seeks to represent the widest amount of voices possible, and promote thought and discussion on a range of topics and ideas. The team is working very hard, as ever, to ensure an anthology that is a vehicle for fantastic, diverse writing; to represent the ‘metamorphosis’ that we are continually going through and should not ignore, nor slow down.

The prize will (if all goes to plan) launch in June at the UCL Festival of Culture. Alongside this, ebook editions of the past prizes will soon be available on Amazon – please go download one to support the publication of this year’s prize! – and there will be a series of events to promote and celebrate the anthologies and their authors, both past and present.

For more information, and the submission guidelines, please see the Publishers’ Prize website here. It’s very pretty and very informative!

Follow the Prize on social media: on twitter @pubprize2017, on instagram @uclpubprize2017, and on facebook here. The prize will be tweeting on #mymeta with updates and more so make sure to give it a follow, and use the hashtag to connect with them!

I’m definitely excited to see what they produce this year and to get it on my bookshelf, and I hope you are too!

Have a good week everyone!


Weekly Round-up

By Emily E E Brodowicz, on 5 December 2016

We know that everyone is busy in the run up to winter break so we will keep this short. The weekly round-up is going to be an ongoing blog feature with upcoming events, programme information and relevant news. Please let either of us know if there is anything you would like to see included in upcoming round-ups!

Upcoming Events

End of term class drinks!

Student Central Bar
After class
Thursday the 8th

SYP Christmas Party

December 6 @ 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, 145 Fleet Street
London, EC4A 2BU United Kingdom

The London Children’s Book Fair

Friday 16 December: 2 – 8 pm & Saturday 17 December: 10 am – 5 pm
Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art
14 Wharf Road / London / N1 7RW
Free Admission

Programme News

 Submissions for the 2017 UCL Publishers’ Prize are now open!
More information can be found here.

Publishing News



Bookish Stuff

The campaign runs from 25 November 2016 – 25 January 2017





By Helena McNish, on 1 December 2016

So no one tells you that an MA in Publishing keeps you so busy that you turn around and realise you haven’t sorted out the accompanying blog yet even though it’s almost December. Oops.

Hello, everyone! We are the new blog runners representing the MA Publishing course here at UCL, as part of the Department for Information Studies – you can find more information about us on the ‘blog managers’ page. We’ll be posting regular round-ups of important news and opportunities in the Publishing world, hosting guest posts from members of the course and others, as well as posting our own features and updates on how the course is going. Anything you want to know about the UCL MA in Publishing? Anything you want to see up here? Let us know!


Helena and Emily