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Child Development and Learning Difficulties



Welcome to the CDLD Blog

By Admin, on 8 October 2020

The CDLD Blog

Welcome to the Child Development and Learning Difficulties (CDLD) blog.  This blog is a forum for staff, students, alumni and guests to write about and around CDLDs thematic areas of research and engagement.

Our focus areas

CDLD focuses on research that supports children’s learning and educational practice. Our blogs relate to a wide range of aspects related to children’s development and education, each underpinned by research and evidence of best practice. These include:

  • Development in individuals with Williams syndrome
  • Supporting children with SEND in the classroom
  • Mathematical development in the early years
  • Educational technologies and apps

On each of these pages you can find some useful resources for you to download for free.

We also publish regular newsletters about activities at the CDLD lab. You can find our newsletters here: https://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/cdld/cdld-newsletters/


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