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Online health groups as a support for decision-making and behaviour change

ucjubil25 April 2017

By Liz Sillence; Psychology and Communication Technology  (PaCT) Lab, Northumbria University

Whilst online health groups have a long history of offering a place for social and emotional support we are starting to recognise that these communities are providing a key role in supporting decision-making and in some cases affecting behaviour change.

In a recent study, a colleague and I examined the different ways in which engagement with an online support group influenced decision-making around health (Sillence & Bussey, in press). (more…)

The hidden threat: combating cheating in digital health interventions

Carmen E Lefevre30 November 2016

By: Paolo Satta, project manager at Day One

Designing an effective incentive system is not an easy task. Besides delicate choices that can decide the fate of the entire system (Which actions should be incentivised? How? How often?), a hidden threat can jeopardise even the most sophisticated concept: cheating by the very same people that should be incentivised.

Irrespective of the system, we know that someone is going to try cheating on it – for getting higher rewards, surpassing the others or just for self-gratification in fooling the system.

How can you build up an incentive system with antibodies that protect it against cheating attacks?

The first rule of thumb is to create incentives which are perceived to be fair by the beneficiaries.