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Co-Design in Digital Health – TechSharing Seminar Series

By ucjujbl, on 17 August 2017

The TechSharing Seminar Series is organised by a group of early career researchers from UCL’s Interaction Centre, eHealth Unit, Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, and Department of Behavioural Science & Health. The series aims to foster knowledge exchange and future collaboration between academics, clinicians, policy makers and industry professionals working within or at the boundaries of health technologies and digital behaviour change interventions. The series recently hosted their second of three seminars around co-design in Digi-Health.

Aneesha Singh and the TechSharing committee give an overview of their second session.


We had another great Tech Sharing Seminar on the 23rd of June, 2017. The focus for the seminar was to promote the principles of codesign in the context of digital health and to offer a useful introduction for those who may not have done codesign before or who could do with refreshing their methods. The session offered hands on activities as well as presentations.

The day started with some hands on codesign activities by Dr Victoria Betton. Victoria is Founder & Director – mHabitat (a trading arm of Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) and has a background in the third sector, local authority and NHS.

The first of the codesign activities was to create a Persona in pairs/threes for the seminar. We needed to think about who they are, why have they attended and what do they want to know. Each team shared their ‘most likely to say quote’. Teams also created four user stories per persona – making them as specific as possible. For example, ‘as [name of persona] I want […xxx] so that […xxx]’. These activities were followed by prioritising the user stories to create the backlog for codesign. The top user stories from each group were grouped together on the wall. The activities were led by Victoria who also brought in the key questions from codesign session into a thought provoking talk  on Evidence and approach including a case study from the a recent GP codesign project mHabitat delivered in Scotland (presentation slides here).

The next case study was presented by Dr Roisin McNaney, Human Computer Interaction Lecturer at Lancaster University. Roisin’s talk focused on recent work on Co-Designing and Enacting Tools to Support Young People’s Engagement with People with Dementia.

Next we had a panel discussion discussing the main themes that had emerged so far.

In addition to Victoria and Roisin, panellists included:

Mark Brown: Mark edits One in Four, England’s only national mental health and wellbeing magazine written by people who experience mental health difficulties. He is also development director of Social Spider CIC and was shortlisted for Mind Champion 2010.
Lisa Erickson: Lisa is a Digital Innovator and founder of Ogenblik Ltd, that develops tools for psychological wellbeing.  She is a Stanford MBA with over 15 years experience in investment banking/health care finance.  She is also a registered osteopath and a founding partner in a London osteopathic practice.


The panel was facilitated by Julia Bailey. Julia is a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Primary Care at the University College London e-Health Unit and a Speciality Doctor in Community Sexual Health in Hackney, East London.

Thanks to the speakers, panellists and attendees for a great discussion.

This blog was reposted from https://ucltechsharingseminars.wordpress.com/seminar-2/, which also provides an overview of their other seminars.

The date for the final seminar is 3-5pm on Tuesday 3rd October and is entitled: “Getting your digital product into the NHS (or choosing not to)”. We have a bunch of exciting speakers and panellists lined up including Yinka Makinde (DigitalHealth.London), Professor Elizabeth Murray (UCL), Dr Anne Bruinvels (NHS Innovation Fellow; OWise) and Dr Indra Joshi (NHS England; One HealthTech).

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