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What did you want the Digi-hub to provide? Survey results are in.

By Carmen E Lefevre, on 11 August 2016

We promised to share the results from the membership survey so you could see how your colleagues voted and how the Digi-hub format took shape. As of 10 August, 381 professionals have signed up for the Digi-hub email list.

Your preferred online platform (in addition to the CBC web page) is…

(38%) LinkedIn
(21%) Twitter
(18%) ResearchGate
(16%) Facebook
(6%) Google+

We also had you pick the top three things you wanted from the Digi-hub and you chose…

(18%) Opportunities to connect w/ professionals across sectors
(18%) Opp. to connect on projects
(17%) Links to research articles
(17%) Trainings and webinars
(11%) Forum
(10%) Blog
(9%) Notification of latest research calls

Is it what you expected? Read our ‘Welcome to the digital health and behaviour change network!’ post to see the plan for the Digi-hub – including monthly discussion themes.

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