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UCL Careers Summer Internships Scheme

By Phil Howe, on 9 January 2017

Student Project

We are delighted to announce the launch of the UCL Careers Summer Internships Scheme. In partnership with Santander Universities, we are providing subsidised funding for 35 internships across our summer scheme; which will support the training allowance for one UCL student or graduate intern to work with your business for 6 or 8 weeks full-time during the 2017 summer vacation period (June – September).

How will I benefit as an employer?

• You are provided with subsidised funding, in partnership with Santander Universities, to host a high calibre student or graduate to work with you full time, for 6 or 8 weeks during the summer vacation period.
• Your intern can support you with a project or business development initiative that will move your organisation forward.
• Your intern could provide you with a fresh perspective and will bring new talent to your organisation.
• You will be able to trial an intern for any future positions that may arise, without obligation.

Places on this scheme are limited and internship proposals will be assessed against our criteria, on a first come first served basis until all funding is reserved.

Internships in a variety of sectors

We aim to promote a variety of internships across a range of sectors covering:

• Consultancy
• IT & Tech
• Engineering
• Arts & Culture
• Life Sciences & Health
• Finance
• Social Sciences & Media

If we receive a high number of internship proposals under one category, we may hold funding on similar opportunities until we have allocated reserves to an equal number of internships in the other categories.

Waiting list

We are expecting to receive more proposals than there is funding available. Any proposals that we cannot allocate reserved funding to this time around will be put on a waiting list. If we are not able to provide funding for your internship this year, we will offer you a priority proposal application window for the next year’s scheme.


We will get in touch with both the organisation and intern during the internship to see how it is going and we’ll ask you both to complete a feedback form at the end. We may also ask you take part in some case studies at the conclusion of the scheme.

Get involved…

This scheme is open to internship proposals from SMEs that are based in or frequently trading in greater London. To receive more information about joining this scheme, please send an email to Laura Radford: l.radford@ucl.ac.uk to request an information pack and proposal form.

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