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Calendars in Antiquity and the Middle Ages


ERC Research Project


Archive for November, 2013

The Project

GeorgiaPanteli7 November 2013

LOGO-ERCThis research project studies the evolution of calendars in late antique and medieval societies, with a special focus on Roman, Christian, Jewish, and Islamic calendars. The complex evolution of these calendars was closely related to politics, science, and religion, and contributed more widely to the standardization of culture in the ancient and medieval worlds.

The project is based in the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, with Professor Sacha Stern as Principal Investigator and five Research Associates working in several areas including the seven-day week, late antique hemerologia, medieval Jewish calendar disputes, and medieval Arabic and Hebrew monographs on astronomy and calendars. It is funded by an ERC Advanced Grant to the value of €2,499,000, the largest ever achieved in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.