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Tokyo Geidai

By Giles J Corby, on 25 April 2013

Research visit to Tokyo Geidai (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku)

Images from research trip by Edward Allington in April 2013 to Tokyo: looking at other foundries.

The photos below are of Rokusan ‘Onna’ plaster casts (one of six ‘original’ casts) that have been digitally scanned from the plaster originals and then 3D printed into three bronze sections. Each of these sections have been welded together

 IMG_1240 IMG_1243








In the detailed images, this display copy shows the print deposits lines on the surface of the metal made during the printing process.

IMG_1248  IMG_1247








Manegata Casting

By Giles J Corby, on 25 April 2013

View of Tokyo Gedai WorkshopIMG_0776









The following images show the Japanese Manegata Casting technique, a traditional form of sand casting.

(Taken during the research visit to Tokyo Geidai)


The final cast.IMG_1252









Opening the mould

IMG_1253  IMG_1270





Pour hole for metalIMG_1260






IMG_0773    IMG_1272