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Broadening Secondary School Science


Promoting the importance of science in education and how it may relate to other subjects in the curriculum.


Broadening Secondary School Science

By Tamjid Mujtaba, on 6 February 2019

There is much that is good in England about school science. Compared to most countries, we have well qualified teachers and a tradition of practical work with employed laboratory technicians (at least in in secondary schools). As a society, we value science and many scientists are held in high esteem. However, we have one big problem. And that is that too many students by the time they are 16 are delighted to turn their back on the subject.

Many suggestions have been made as to how we can engage more young people with science. Our own work has shown that when teenagers recognise the ways that continuing with science can help them get good jobs, they are more likely to continue with the subject. But the fact remains that many teenagers find science too narrow for them. They feel that it doesn’t allow them to demonstrate creativity in the way that many other subjects, in particular the humanities, do. Science doesn’t feel part of their identity.

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