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BRITS cell therapy project planning and valuation tool



Success rates

By zceie01, on 1 June 2014

Based on information users provide on the type of projects they are working on (i.e. type of source material, therapeutic focus), the BRITS tool provides estimates of these projects’ likelihood of failure based on failure rates of comparable projects. The BRITS team collected data on these failure rates by examining how many of the projects in the dataset that progressed to a specific development stage (i.e. phase 1,2,3, launch), also progressed to the subsequent development stage, and which projects did not progress. Figure 8 provides a breakdown of the most advanced stages of development different types of cell therapy projects reached.


Figure 8: The most advanced development stage reached by cell therapy projects

fig 8

Figure 9 provides a breakdown of the success rates of cell therapy projects across various stages of the development process. The BRITS team calculated two different success rates for cell therapy projects across the stages of the product development pathway. First, the BRITS team calculated the success rate as a percentage of projects that started, and did not fail during clinical testing at a specific stage. Second, we calculated the success rate as a percentage of projects that were successful at a specific stage and progressed to the next stage. BRITS data highlight that cell therapy projects tend to have higher success rates than generic therapeutic product development projects, for which success rates are provided in the right-hand column of figure 9.


Figure 9: Success rates of cell therapy projects

 fig 9


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