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BRITS cell therapy project planning and valuation tool



Project Valuation & Planning Tool

By zceie01, on 1 June 2014

The BRITS business valuation and planning tool for cell therapy projects provides a set of critical decision support tools for faster and more effective decision making and commercialisation in the cell therapy field. The cell therapy sector is a new sector and the uncertainties stakeholders face in designing business and financial strategies for the commercialisation of cell therapies were a key impetus for the BRITS project.

The BRITS tool builds on a comprehensive analysis of project failure rates and development times for different types of cell therapy projects across the various stages of the product development trajectory. Moreover, the tool incorporates parameters to calculate key development costs associated with cell therapy projects. The tool produces three main outputs based on user inputs:

  • A cash flow statement the tool generates helps users estimate yearly incomings and outgoings and financing needs over the course of the cell therapy project development pathway.
  • The project valuations the tool generates help users assess the financial viability of cell therapy projects, and formulate funding strategies. In addition, the valuation function is useful in facilitating negotiations about equity distributions following capital infusions in cell therapy projects and the organisation of licensing deals.
  • Scenario analyses produced by the tool will allow users to assess the robustness of business and financial planning scenarios as the duration of product development pathways and the adoption of cell therapies in the market change.


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