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BRITS cell therapy project planning and valuation tool



Cell therapy projects

By zceie01, on 1 June 2014

The BRITS team’s analysis of the 592 commercial cell therapy projects that were identified highlights that the cell therapy sector is a sector that spans all key therapeutic application areas. A breakdown in figure 4 of the therapeutic focus of cell therapy projects highlights that oncology constitutes the largest area in which new cell therapies are being developed as 26.2% of cell therapy projects are in the oncology space. Oncology is followed by neurology (15.4%), alimentary/metabolic (13.4%), cardiovascular (11.3%), and musculoskeletal as the largest therapeutic markets cell therapy projects are directed at.

Figure 4: Cell therapy projects by therapeutic focus


Figure 5 breaks down the 593 commercial cell therapy projects the BRITS team collected data on, by the stage of development. Figure 5 highlights that most (364) cell therapy projects did not progress beyond pre-clinical trials. 55 reached stage 1 clinical trials, 105 reached stage 2 clinical trials, and 57 reached stage 3 clinical trials. Finally, the BRITS team identified 11 cell therapy projects that reached the market.

Figure 5: Cell therapy companies, projects by stage of development

cell therapy companies

A unique aspect of the dataset of cell therapy projects the BRITS team created is that it contains information on both discontinued and on-going cell therapy projects. This has allowed the BRITS team for example to provide assessments of the likelihood of failure for specific types of cell projects. Figure 6 breaks down the number of discontinued and on-going projects that data were collected on.

Figure 6: On-going/discontinued cell therapy projects by therapeutic focus

fig 6


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    With the help of our writing books for kids, inspire your child’s creativity. These books are filled with entertaining prompts and captivating activities that are meant to make writing pleasant and instructive. Ideal for budding writers, they foster creativity and assist in the development of critical literacy skills.
    Writing Books for Kids

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