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BRITS cell therapy project planning and valuation tool



The BRITS Tool


This website is for entrepreneurs, managers, investors, funding agencies, technology licensing officers and others involved in commercialising cell therapy projects. We present on this website a project planning and valuation tool developed by the research group of Simcha Jong that allows users who are working on cell therapy projects to produce customised cash flow projections, project valuations, and scenario analyses, for cell therapy projects.

The customised outputs of the tool are valuable as input in the development of business and financing strategies aimed at commercialising novel cell therapy projects. We designed the website as an educational tool and discussion forum for users of the BRITS tool. Specifically, users will find on this website a downloadable version of the BRITS tool with an Excel user interface and a user manual for the BRITS tool. In addition, we present a number of case studies that highlight the functionality of the BRITS tool. A discussion forum for users of the BRITS tool

The BRITS cell therapy project planning and valuation tool is the product of a collaborative project that developed novel decision support tools for stakeholders in the cell therapy sector. The project was funded by the Technology Strategy Board. Lonza Biologics plc, UCL (Department of Biochemical Engineering, School of Management), LGC Group, London Regenerative Medicine Network, Future Medicine, and Lawford Davies Denoon were the main project partners. More can be read here about the BRITS project, and tools the project produced to support decisions regarding regulatory approval strategies, manufacturing options, and the operational management of lab facilities.