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Indexing the Event

the event:


Step 1: eradicate current (mis)understandings and (ab)uses of the term index

Step 2: experience five varying indexical processes through rotating workshops

Step 3: personal reflection


Reflection by Naomi Siderfin . . .

Climate – exploring different modes of knowing the weather and appropriate response: from Oral tradition – deep knowledge transmitted through word of mouth, rhyme etc. down the centuries (e.g. red sky at night shepherds delight) – to satellite technology, i-phone weather etc.

Taking a mic for a walk, making 1 minute audio records of the different environments… indexing the event?… burying a mic in a pile of shredded paper… circling a group stitching fetishes and recording their conversation.

Listening to an academic account about the experience of a renaissance chapel: entering a circular booth with chapel ceiling replicated above me, manipulating a body-scale lens to reflect the blue, blue ceiling: seeing a mirage float in the space in between – a real-life Harry Potter moment.

Extravagantly cutting into fluorescent gauze; tying handfuls of shredded paper into gauze in celebratory bow: sticking in a needle to stitch another felt-colour into the concoction.

Observing an intense game for two players with no apparent objective other than pitting wits.




Ladies of the Press* produced printed responses using a receipt printer, creating alternative transcripts for Sophie Rigg, Emma Visman and Dawn Gaietto’s Indexing the Event workshop sessions.


receipt 1


Receipt 2


Ruth Bernatek’s workshop generated an index of sounds in response to the environment of Woburn Square Research Centre. Listen below:


Click below to view on the audioBoom website:

If you would like to contribute to the playlist, please email audio (.mp3) no longer than 10 minutes to sonicexperiment.2@gmail.com.