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ABC LD – the next steps

NatasaPerovic13 July 2018

UCL Digital Education has been awarded two year Erasmus+ funding to develop their well-known ABC learning design workshop with a 12 European universities. Since its inception at UCL only three years ago this unique ‘rapid-development’ approach to help academics develop high tech student-focused modules and programmes has had an unprecedented impact on the sector. Dr Clive Young, the originator of ABC alongside his Digital Education colleague Nataša Perović, gives the reasons for its success, “Most universities have aspirational strategies to develop future-looking digitally rich and blended courses, but few teachers have the skills, knowledge and time to redesign their programmes”. ABC is UCL’s response, a light touch team-based approach which co-creates a visual storyboard for a module in just 90 minutes. Over 75 workshops have been run at UCL with nearly 500 academics (and students) redesigning around 200 modules. The participant response has been overwhelmingly positive and ABC was soon picked up beyond UCL, and is now used at 20 other universities in the UK alone. The Erasmus project builds a strategic partnership between UCL, six other universities from the League of European Universities (Amsterdam, Helsinki, Leuven, Milan and the Sorbonne, with Oxford as an associate) and six innovative universities from Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Estonia, Ireland and Romania. The partnership will develop ABC as a downloadable toolkit that can be used globally by any institution in the sector.  More information…

Follow the project progress via twitter @ABCtoVLE @ABC_LD.

ABC LD resources in Norwegian

NatasaPerovic15 June 2018

Norwegian translation of ABC LD resources kindly provided byVegard Skipnes / LearningLab / BI Norwegian Business School (https://www.bi.edu/).


If you have any questions about the Norwegian translation, email Nataša for contact details.


Learning types cards


Tweet and shape


Storyboard worksheet


Action plan

ABC LD resources in Welsh

NatasaPerovic7 June 2018

Welsh (Cymraeg) translation of ABC LD resources kindly provided by

Dewi Parry
Swyddog Technoleg Dysgu | Learning Technology Officer
Canolfan Arloesedd Addysg | Centre for Education Innovation
Adran Ymgysylltu â Myfyrwyr a Chefnogaeth Addysgol | Student Engagement and Education Support Division

Prifysgol Caerdydd | Cardiff University


ABC Cymraeg dwyieithog / cards


Dogfen ABC Dwyieithog / tweet and shape graph


TABL ABC / storyboard worksheet


ABC LD resources in Swedish

NatasaPerovic29 May 2018

Swedish translation of ABC LD resources kindly provided by Maria Sunnerstam, Pedagogisk utvecklare, PIL-enheten, Göteborgs universitet (www.pil.gu.se)


ABC LD resources in Danish

NatasaPerovic19 April 2018

Absalon translation

Danish translation of ABC LD resources, localised for Absalon University, kindly provided by Anders Thiel and Svend Tveden-Nyborg from Absalon University Denmark (https://phabsalon.dk/)


2. ABC_curriculum_design_workshop-DK

3. ABC Workshop agenda A4

4. ABC Læringsdesign Overblik – Aktivitetsdiagram og blendedskala A3

5. ABC Storyboard A0

6. ABC Læringsaktiviteter kort A5

SmartLearning translation

Danish translation of ABC LD resources, localised for SmartLearning, kindly provided by Henrik Køhler Simonsen, Robert Karl Bernhardt and their colleagues from SmartLearning, Denmark  (https://www.smartlearning.dk/)



ABC Learning types cards


Tweet your module and learning type graph


Storyboard worksheet


Workshop action plan

ABC LD resources in Estonian

NatasaPerovic10 April 2018

Estonian translation of ABC LD resources kindly provided by Linda Helene Sillat and her colleagues from from Tallinna Ülikool, Estonia (https://www.tlu.ee/).


ABC LD Learning types cards


ABC LD Additional online activities


ABC LD workshop facilitation plan


ABC LD action plan

ABC mini conference

NatasaPerovic28 March 2018

We had our first ABC conference!

Our ABC Learning Design Mini Conference was held at UCL Knowledge Lab on the 9th March 2018. The event was sponsored by the HEFCE Catalyst programme.

Morning session included:

  • Brief overview of conversational framework and learning types by Professor Diana Laurillard 
  • Full ABC workshop for people who have not participated in the workshop before
  • Discussion/Q&A

The Afternoon session was tailored for people who were more familiar with ABC and interested in institutional implementation of the method.

The session included

  • Talk by Diana Laurillard about Learning design and institutional change 

Followed by ABC LD, Perspectives from other universities by

  • John Kerr, University of Glasgow 
  • Adam Bailey and Nina Brooke, University of Reading 
  • Rosie Greenslade and Lynne Burroughs, Canterbury Christ Church University 
  • Suzanne Collins and Suzi Wells, University of Bristol. Very grateful for their blog posts about the conference, too (talk  reflections by Suzi and Suzanne,

We also formally launched the ABC UK community.

Big thank you to all the speakers!

Thank you to Dewi Parry for his reflection on the conference!

Thank you to all participants for the great day and lovely tweets!


ABC LD resources for UCL Moodle

JessicaGramp22 March 2018

It is difficult to prepare a generic set of cards for a specific Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), also refered to as an LMS or Learning Management System.

This is because most institutions will install additional plugins, create customisations and integrate with different external systems.

However, I have created a set of cards, and an App Wheel for UCL Moodle, in preparation for a presentation that Clive Young and I will be giving next week in Glasgow.

I am sharing these here, as a template for other Moodle institutions to use, which they can then modify to suit their institution’s technologies and settings.

If you do create your own version, please do contact Natasa and Clive to share them back to the community (which is part of the licensing agreement) and please also retain the creative commons licensing information on all of the materials.

I hope you find these useful!

You can contact me @jgramp on Twitter (please include @ABC_LD) – I’d love to hear if you’ve used these for your own Moodle installations.

Maybe see some of you at MoodleMoot IE/UK.


ABC LD workshop – ABC cards for Moodle VLE


ABC LD workshop – App Wheel for Moodle VLE

ABC LD 2017 July – December summary

NatasaPerovic17 January 2018

The second half of the year was equally busy for ABC_LD.

in August, our Chilean colleagues @AprendizajeUAI from University Adolfo Ibanez facilitated workshops for 9 univerities in Santiago

Our Arena colleagues designed the Arena Two


We visited  UWS in Paisley

and Queen Margaret in Edinburgh

We went to ALTC 2017

to present

and facilitate ABC LD workshop

some of the participants  started using the method in the following week

Clive delivered keynote at ILIAS conference in Freiburg

and facilitated the workshop

Back in London we had a visit from  Danish collegues


New cohort of MRes students designed their RPD module

Colleagues  from Doha attended our workshop in London

colleagues at QMUL were playing with the ‘tool wheel’. Looking forward to seeing the QMUL version

University of Reading colleagues mentioned us in their talk at bbmoco

Eastman Dental Institute education day at Royal Free was well attended and very productive

At the same time in Italy…

Glasgow University used ABC_LD to design MOOCs

Kristy Evers presented her research work on ABC in Rome

BATJ teachers liked the method. Japanese translation expected in 2018

Colleagues at KU Leuven facilitated their forst ABC

Nick Grindle took ABC to Cyprus

While we worked in Wellcome trust in London


and SLMS

ABC got a place on the Learning Design family tree!

3 Arena two sessions facilitated for academics

another workshop at UCL Qatar

Clive and Natasa took ABC to OEB conference.

AOur colleague Vicki, mentions how ABC is used in Glasgow in this video

We released ABC version in French

Canterbury Christ Church colleagues ABC workshop looks well attended

Lincoln University colleagues share their thughts on ABC_LD

Where will we go next?

ABC LD resources in French

NatasaPerovic18 December 2017

French translation of ABC LD resources kindly provided by our colleagues Bernold Hasenknopf and Vassiliki Michou, UPMC, Sorbonne Universitiés and Sylvaine Perrichot, Université Paris Sud.

Video from the ABC workshop at UPMC in July 2017


ABC LD workshop -ABC cards


ABC LD workshop -The graphs sheet


ABC LD workshop – additional online activities


ABC LD workshop – storyboard sheet A1


ABC LD workshop –  action plan