Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging
  • The Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging (WTCN) at UCL is an interdisciplinary centre for neuroimaging excellence. The Centre's research groups study all aspects of higher cognitive function including vision, memory, language and reasoning, emotion, decision making and motor control. Home to SPM, a standard tool for analysing neuroimaging data, the Centre seeks to answer fundamental questions about how the brain works in order to improve human and animal health. The goal is to understand how thought and perception arise from brain activity, and how such processes break down in neurological and psychiatric disease. The Centre hosts and trains over 100 clinicians, scientists and support staff, including some of the world's most cited neuroscientists.
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    New papers

    By dap , on 26 April 2014

    New publications (2)

    By dap , on 26 January 2014

    New Publications

    By dap , on 26 January 2014

    PhD Studentship

    By dap , on 4 November 2013

    PhD Studentship: A framework for tracking changes in MRI data of the spinal cord and brain. Applications are invited for a PhD studentship at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging (WTCN) under the supervision of Prof. John Ashburner and in collaboration with the Spinal Cord Injury Center, University of Zurich. Closing Date: 24th Nov, 2013. For further details please click here: PhD studentship.

    Zulch Prize

    By dap , on 10 October 2013

    Ray Dolan has received the Zulch prize with Wolfram Schultz. For more information, please click here .

    Post Doc Opportunities

    By dap , on 8 October 2013

    Three post-doc vacancies in Eleanor Maguire’s Memory Lab at UCL.  Please follow this link for further details.

    New Publications

    By dap , on 2 October 2013

    New psychology blog

    By dap , on 2 October 2013

    Molly Crockett: New psychology blog at the Guardian, please click here .

    MRC Grant

    By dap , on 2 October 2013

    MRC Research Grant (3 years): ‘Brain mechanisms underlying reading improvement in post-stroke central alexia’. PI: Alex Leff. Collaborators: Zoe Woodhead and Jenny Crinion

    Upcoming Talks

    By dap , on 2 October 2013

    Laurence Hunt will be giving some talks:

    •  ‘A within-attribute comparison strategy in multi-attribute choice’ at Society for Neuroeconomics 
    • ‘Where do neural correlates of value come from?’ at the Autumn School in  Cognitive Neuroscience, Oxford

    Tobias Nolte is presenting the following:

    • Keynote, International Balint Congress, Heidelberg: “The Neurobiology of Close Relationships” 
    • Symposium, 13th ISSPD conference, Copenhagen: ” A Computational Neuroscience Approach to understand Borderline and Anti-Social Personality Disorder and Attachment-Related Trauma”